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agent login in server to server scenario - what credentials to use?

Question asked by stephan.steiner on Jan 26, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2016 by dekwan



Just getting my feet wet with the REST API. After solving the HTTP version issue (extracting data works in HTTP 1.1 mode but apparently PUT'ing doesn't.. what's up with that? especially as all the responses are HTTP 1.1 as well), I'm now trying my first user login, and I'm being told




    <ErrorType>Invalid Authorization User Specified</ErrorType>


    <ErrorMessage>The user specified in the authentication credentials and the uri don't match</ErrorMessage>




Of course they don't match.. I want to use the admin account.. after all I may not know the user's credentials (in this case the user is integrated so I really don't know his or her password). How to solve this conundrum? I can't possibly know the user's credentials in a server to server app - that would be a major security risk.