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iOS co-browse issues •     Some views are not intractable from the agents side of the call.

Question asked by bcason on Jan 21, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2016 by huliving

We are having a few issues with the agent's ability to interact with certain elements in the co-browse session. Each item listed below. Can someone let us know if these are supported elements or expected behaviors?


  • Some views are not interactable from the agents side of the call.
  • UICollectionView/UICollectionViewCell allows for scrolling but not selecting of any cells. We generally use collection views instead of table views
  • UITableView/UITableViewCell allows for selecting but not scrolling
  • UIWebViews are unable to be interacted with at all.
  • Scroll views that use pagination don't function correctly when the agent interacts with them. The scroll view stops immediately when the agent stops moving their finger instead of moving fully to next page.
  • If we have a custom popover (non system UI) which is dismissed by pressing on the background, the agent presses do not dismiss the popover.
  • If an agent pressed on a UITextView they can get a text box on their screen which they can enter text into. Any changes made on this side are not reflected on the app side.