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Cobrowse quality issue

Question asked by vojtech.koukal on Jan 20, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2016 by vojtech.koukal

Hi everyone,


I have a working deployment of REM 10.6(1) in multinode mode, not using Finesse.

My deployment needs to support cobrowse-only scenario, so I'm looking into developing custom agent-side application (just for cobrowsing, no video at all). I downloaded sample agent-side SDK application from DevNet and deployed it on the server.

When I create the cobrowse only session (using correlation ID) the shared customer's screen is blurry - please see attached image.


But when I make a call from the same demo assist page as before (/assistsample) to bundled Expert assist console (/expertassist/agent) the image is absolutely clear. So the problem is probably related to Sample Agent assist sdk.


In Web administration portal I have tried to play around with the "Image Quality Scale Factor", but any settings has no effect at all (tried values from 0.1 to 1).


This problem is maybe related to setting the canvas size on agent-side, but I can't figure what do to.

I tried to look in source code of the bundled Expert assist console, but with no luck at all.


Unfortunately I wasn't able to find anything in the docs related to this issue.


Thanks for any help