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Question asked by matfarre on Jan 18, 2016
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We are integrating Cisco SVM SDK to our Mobile App which is being developed for Vodafone Arena. I have a couple of questions related to SDK and next steps.


·         We are using Version 2.1.1:  Is this the latest version of the SDK? Since Android project was not in Android Studio format, I was not sure about the latest version.

·         When we run the example project, I could see only one streaming channel. How I can add more channels and how I can change streaming channel?

·         We want to use thumbnails (please see attached screenshot) for the channel list. Is it possible to get thumbnail from live stream?

·         We could successfully run the demo app on mobile devices. Does it mean we are ready to integrate physical system? Which parameters should we change for the real system integration?

·         Do you have any documentation for the SDK?