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CMX 10 in presence mode notification types

Question asked by serebrov.boris on Jan 18, 2016
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There is a question about notification types in presence mode (no location data).


On the Manage Notifications page I see following types of notifications:


- "Passerby Detected"

- "Passerby Become Visitor"

- "Visitor Went Away"


I need to get all the data about all visitors. Is it enough to handle "Passerby Detected" or I need to handle all three notifications?

For example, we have a following situation:


1) some device is detected, we get "Passerby Detected" notification

2) device is still present, we get "Passerby Detected"

3) device is still present and classified as visitor, we get "Passerby Detected" and "Passerby Become Visitor"

4) device is still present, we get "Passerby Detected"

5) device is not present for some time, we get "Visitor Went Away"


Are the above assumptions about events sent by CMX API correct?

Will we still receive "Passerby Detected" even when the device is classified as "visitor"?