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Contact Center lab, cannot iniciate inbound call

Question asked by chapelain36 on Jan 17, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2016 by jokearns

Hi, all.


I am using a Contact Center Enterprise Lab Sandbox, and I am new to this.
I logged in as agent to the Finesse desctop application, and made my state "Ready to incomig calls".

After that I called from my mobile phone to the number from Lab Details - to iniciate inbound call.
I heared call signals, but there was no any reaction in web client. I made several calls - to check it, the last was at 20:32 (Moscow GMT + 03:00).

What can be the problem? I used Google Chrome browser. My mobile operator is Megafon Russia.
Maybe I dont understand - how should it work? What should happened in web client, when I am calling to this number?


Thank you,
With regards, Yuriy.