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UCCX 11 - ScreenPop Gadget is Blank

Question asked by jagpsing on Jan 14, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2016 by ewindgat

Hi Team,


I am trying to use a Screen Pop Sample gadget from the DevNet Sample Gadget list. I am using this with UCCX 11. The gadget loads fine to the Finesse Layout. I am using a Custom Call Variable which acts as my string to be searched in the pop up. The variable string is coming to the Finesse just fine because I can see it if I use it in the Call Variable Layout.


The gadget is blank when a call comes in. It expands to accommodate the webpage result, but never shows the webpage. The iframe works if I use it in a browser directly.


This happens in all browsers.


Is this a compatibility issue and if so, when will there be sample gadgets compatible with version 11?