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"Validate assertion failed" when forwarding assertion for XML API authentication

Question asked by colinccampbell on Jan 8, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2016 by jacoadam

What might I be doing wrong here?  My test webex account and my learning management system are both configured to use the same IdP.  I set up an SP to get the same attributes as those that the IdP sends to webex.  I configured the IdP to include the webex entityID in the AudienceRestriction part of the assertion.


After authenticating in my learning management system, I get the assertion (starting with <saml2:Assertion...)  and base64 encode it.  I then send that base64 encoded assertion to the webex in an AuthenticateUser call using the API test form.  I do that before the assertion expires.


Despite numerous attempts with minor adjustments, nothing works.  I always get "<serv:exceptionID>AS0062</serv:exceptionID><serv:reason>Validate assertion failed</serv:reason>".  Shouldn't these steps work?  Am I supposed to use a different assertion?