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CURRI Request from CUCM during Call Pickup

Question asked by on Jan 7, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2016 by jhonnycage

We have the following Scenario:
B and C are in a Call Pickup Group.
If someone with an external number calls C the CURRI Response for those calls is always divert to D.
An external phone (A) calls an internal phone (B) -> CURRI Request from CUCM and Response with continue
B is in a call pickup group with C and C tries to Pickup -> CURRI Request from CUCM (Calling Number: A and Called Number: C) and Response with divert (because of the external number)


Why is there a CURRI Request from CUCM during the call pickup?


In the configure external call control guide (CUCM 11) on page nine you can read the following:
When a phone user tries to pick up a call by using the Call Pickup feature, External
Call Control is not invoked; Cisco Unified Communications Manager does not send
a routing query to the adjunct route server for that portion of the call.