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CMX 10 notifications API question

Question asked by serebrov.boris on Dec 16, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2016 by serebrov.boris



I am integrating CMX API into our system and I need to get information about all location changes.


Right now I am using the 'LocationUpdate' notification type and have an initial implementation of the data receiver/processor.


The problem is that CMX sends us individual location items (one per CMAC) at a very high rate (hundreds of requests per second) and

this doesn't fit our architecture and in general we don't need to have updates that often.


It would be much easier for us to get location updates in batches every 1-2 minutes (this is how it works for other devices we already integrated, like Aruba and Meraki).


Live API documentation doesn't hint what are possible configuration parameters for notifications (especially for those accepting a json object, like "rules").

So the question is whether it is possible to configure LocationUpdate notification to send notifications in batches (not individual location items) and less frequently?
Or maybe I need to use some other notification type?


And a general question - maybe there is at least some draft of the API guide or any other more detailed information already available?