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    Static IP for VPN


      Hi all,


      I was able to use Cisco AnyConnect VPN to connect to the Sandbox. However, my IP address to the Sandbox was changed after I rebooted my machine. When the IP address of the machine changes, I will need to change several settings in my software, so I would like to avoid that if possible. I was wondering if there is a way to assign static IP address to a machine.



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          Hi Alex,


          Can you provide some more details for your problem. You say the IP address to the sandbox (for VPN access) changed after you rebooted your PC? This IP address (URL) should not change unless you have reserved a new sandbox.



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            Hi Joe,


            The IP address of my PC changed (the IP address which was assigned by the VPN connection) after I reboot my PC. For example, the initial IP address was, and it changed to after a reboot.

            Is it possible to retain the IP address so I do not need to make configuration changes to my system after a reboot.