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Teamperformance.jsp Refresh Rate and Auto Scroll to Top

Question asked by jtrue0001 on Dec 11, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2016 by jtrue0001

Certain supervisors are having issues with the Teamperformance report.  With 30 agents logged in the supervisor needs to scroll to the bottom to see which agents are in not ready and follow up.  Unfortunatley you can't resize this report/gadget.  We've tested in multiple browsers and for certain supervisors the report automatically scrolls to the top after they've tried to scroll to the bottom, making it impossible to check their team.  I'm using Chrome with the ietab plugin and it works ok.  Another supervisor using the same browser and plugin can't scroll without it automatically refreshing and scrolling back to the top. 


We've also noticed that when we have a ton of calls cycling through the report refreshes each time, causing the report to look like it's blinking.  If there are enough calls cycling it's very hard to see agent states.  No seizures yet, but close.  Anyone have recommendations?