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server to server application for notifications

Question asked by stephan.steiner on Dec 11, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2016 by dekwan


I need to develop a server to server solution that monitors agent for state changes. I understand that I need to do a subscribe request for every agent I'm interested in and I understand the data format that is returned. And based on the protocol matrix section, I think that I need to talk XMPP to the finesse notification service.


But what about the plumbing around it? I've worked with the presence API where I indicate a local endpoint that is listening for notifications.. then presence does a get on that address and I know there's new data to be extracted.


Clearly, with Finess things do work differently. I take it that I need to do some kind of xmpp subscription for things to work out. Are there any samples for server to server apps? I'm targetting .net but I suppose any sample is better than none. While there's a subsection in the notification chapter in the documentation, it only mentions the BOSH channel - and as I'm doing server to server, I need the XMPP channel instead.