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Setting up Voicemail forwarding

Question asked by xc3ss1v30n3 on Dec 2, 2015
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Good morning. I've recently taken over Cisco Unity at the company and have unfortunately been kind of thrown to wolves in administrating it without much experience. I've been able to pick up quite a bit just using current configurations for troubleshooting problems, but I've run into one that I can't quite figure out. I'm sure it's quite simple for those gurus out there. Forwarding a voicemail to an SMTP address. We're already configured to do this. However, I can't find the particular setting that enables this for a user that isn't currently receiving forwarded voicemails. For instance, I've compared my account (not receiving) to an account that is and really don't see any differences. So, I'm either overlooking something or just looking in the wrong place (likely).


Any help would be greatly appreciated.