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BE7M-M4-K9  Licensing issue With a extra processor

Question asked by ernesto.esquer on Nov 24, 2015
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I got a Question what license is needed?  If we upgraded a BE7M-M4-K9 with a second processor and 64GB extra of RAM.


The actual license we got on the bundle is VMW-VS5-HYP-K9 "Cisco UC Virt. Hypervisor 5.x (2-socket)"


I got this message when we add the second processor


“Vmware ESX license Has expired. The following features are no longer available “

*Up to 8-way Virtual SMP


When re-added the “VMW-VS5-HYP-K9” Master serial number of the license I got this message:


“The license key entered does not have enough capacity for this entity”


So I think is a license problem I need to know what license is missing to enable have the full capabilities of the UCS bundle with the new hardware added.


The new hardware configuration is:


24 CPUS x 2.499 GHZ

Processos Sockets : 4

Corer per Socket: 6

Logical Proccesors: 48