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Issues with EmbeddedWebApp on Finesse

Question asked by whosanes1 on Nov 12, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2016 by daniel1435
I am having issues with EmbeddedWebApp on Finesse.
I have UCCX System version:


I have uploaded that file into 3rdpartygadget server, which I got from Cisco devnet. @ Finesse sample gadgets
I have used the Winscp sftp client to upload the EmbeddedWebApp.xml file on the UCX server using the 3rdpartgadget useraccount:
When the try to browse to, I get the following error:
HTTP Status 404 - /3rdpartygadget/EmbeddedWebApp/ 
     type:  Status report 
   message:  /3rdpartygadget/EmbeddedWebApp/ 
   description:  The requested resource is not available. 
I have restarted the UCCX server few tiumes already.
Also getting this error on Finese desktop:
I have already looked the following url as well: