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Finesse API vs Cisco Unified CCX Database Schema

Question asked by xung.vu01 on Nov 11, 2015
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I'm using Finesse API to make call and answer a call. I'm using "finesse non gadget"

When i call a function makeCall(dialedNumber, callerNumber, handler, errHandler)

Then, i receive a trigger notification UPDATE_CALL_DATA pregnant ID like a CallID

It is same xml


Now , in my report, i can't find this Call ID in UCCX Database.

Although, i see the Cisco Unified CCX Database Schema in link


In table AgentConnectionDetail or ContactCallDetail, i see colume sessionID, sessionSeqNum, nodeID, and profileID is PrimaryKey.

How can I mapping the CallID above with the PrimaryKey.

But, i tired to find solution.

Please help me!