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Retrieving usage from CUCM sandbox

Question asked by joseph.bauser on Nov 6, 2015
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I need to proof of concept fetching all sorts of usage types from voice, to messaging, to email, and back. Unfortunately I'm completely new to Cisco CUCM and am having trouble finding the appropriate documentation/references to assist in setting up, generating data, retrieving the usage data.


My objective is to simulate all sorts of usage in the sandbox. Once that's done I'll need to be able to access usage records from CUCM in order to proof of concept some of our usage processing. I'm starting my proof of concept with voice, then I'll move on to messaging, email, conferencing, etc..


I'll need to do this for both CUCM 10.x and 11.x


Is there any way to allow the sandbox to connect to an external FTP server to fetch CDR?
Is there any documentation available anywhere on how to retrieve other forms of usage from Cisco CUCM?