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Hi all,


I would appreciate if you could help me on this .



We are planning to build new Datacenter (Green Field)  and migrate the services from Current to New Datacenter.


I'm bit stuck in finalizing the DC architecture as we have some budget constraints . Keeping the current environment in mind we have decided to go for single tier LAN architecture . Reason we are going for HP blade for Virtual environment and storage . Please help me to understand if there is any issues if we proceed  with Single tier architecture meaning only Core layer (no aggregation and Access layer).






Enclosing the skeleton architecture diagram




Details of the Current environment:




Internet Routers


Internet Switches


Egde Switches and Routers for WAN link termination


Fortinet FW


Cisco ASA for remote users


Collapsed Core


Aruba Access Switches


HP Blade Chassis for VM environment


Blades for physical environment


EMC VNX storage and Avamar backup


160 Vm’s and close to 16 physical server’s in the current environment .




Solution Provided:




DC1  -  Primary datacenter ,eventually all the applications/services will be migrated to here from the Current DC




DC2 – Secondary DC ,act as a DR site for all the physical workloads




Amazon Web services – DR Site for all the virtual workloads.