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Finesse Gadget Doesn't work on Agent Browsers

Question asked by rbroersm on Nov 3, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2016 by dekwan


I'm new to finesse gadgets.  I've written a simple gadget that does a makerequest to an API that logs a phone number (used for outbound dialer exclusions).  This all works great on my laptop, but when i tested on the agent laptop it seems like the js code is not being envoked.  I'm hosting the gadget on an IIS server and the layout for the agents is exactly the same as it is for me.  We validated to make sure that IE is enabled for javascript and also have been using the ?nocache parameter on the finesse URL to make sure we're grabbing the latest code.  I may try moving the gadget into finesse, but it's a little simpler to host it externally during dev and QA.  I'm hoping someone has run into something like this in the past and can help me out.  Everyone is on IE11.