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    ACS DevNet access


      I do not see an ACS Server in DevNet. Is here one planned? I just need access to an ACS server to verify our product can change passwords in the local ACS user data store.




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          Hi Richard,

          Thanks for stopping into DevNet and engaging with us.


          The DevNet Sandbox is the place where we typically make these types of Cisco Technologies available to developers, but unfortunately we do not currently have an ACS Server available in any of our Labs.


          We would like to learn more about your goals and if any of the Labs we currently have in the Sandbox are of interest.  If so, let us know if we can answer any questions.


          We are always open to learning more about what would be helpful to our users, so if you have any other feedback, please let us know.  We will take your query about the ACS Server availability into consideration.  So, hopefully this answer of "not now" will turn into a "coming soon" - so check back with us. 



          Dan Klingler

          DevNet Sandbox Team

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            Thanks for the reply. We have a product that manages privileged passwords on many different platforms (Linux, Windows, MS AD, cisco PIX, cisco IOS, etc). We would like to add Cisco ACS as a supported platform. To do so we would need access to an ACS system primarily to verify we can programmatically manage passwords. I was hoping that I could do that through the DevNet lab/sandbox.