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MSE Soap 7.4 getTagInfoList(), how to filter by vendorid?

Question asked by eclingman on Oct 28, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2015 by matfarre

Below is the <typ:AesQueryCriteria> part of the SOAP getTagInfoList() request  I have built, based on the somewhat confusing documentation that Cisco provides in "Cisco MSE API Specification Guide – Context Aware Service of MSE, Release 7.4"


My query is simple.... I want to receive vendorData only for vendor with id 5355. IT results in the following error in the response:

This is the fault returned: "ORA-00904: "VENDORDATA"."VENDORID": invalid identifier



<typ:AesQueryCriteria  numOfResults="1000">


    <typ:AesMatchMbrCriteria matchClass="AesVendorData" matchMbr="vendorId"

          matchValue="5355" valueClass="java.lang.Integer" _operator="0"/>





Thanks in advance, ELiot