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UCCX 10.5 Informix Database Connectivity issue

Question asked by vinodpatil047 on Oct 27, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2015 by vinodpatil047

Hi All,



I'm trying to insert the data to the uccx informix database db_cra to the table "diallinglist" in order to update the contact in outbound campaign. Here are the details used to connect to the informix database

Database URL :  jdbc:informix-sqli://uccx1:/1504/db_cra:INFORMIXSERVER=uccx1_uccx

Database name : DialingList

Schema name : db_cra

Database Credentials

Username : standard UCCX admin user

password : standard UCCX admin password

When i try to connect it will trough the error 387 and 111, saying the user is not permitted to connect. Here is the link



so do I have to use any other credetials to connect to the database or is there any other way to grant access to the user ?



Could someone please help me?