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Removing and adding gadgets are not working.

Question asked by Ehtasham123 on Oct 14, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2015 by ivan.gemmet

We are working  on Finesse ccx 10.6 . We need to upload our custom gadgets. There are already few built-in gadgets which we want to remove. We have deleted the gadget tab inside the Desktop layout , but still the built-in gadget didn't disable, though  we have restarted the finesse tomcat service as well.
We have added our custom gadget as well, which  is also not loading.


Here is the code for, having no gadget in Desktop layout.

No Gadget.PNG


and still we are getting these two gadgets.


Gadget showing.PNG


Here is our code in which we have remove the built-in gadgets and added our custom gadget which is also not loading. Custom Code.PNG







We have tried by using agent login/logout, with ?nocache by restarting tomcat service from ccx panel and we have also restarted the service by this command "utils service restart Cisco Tomcat" but none of them work for it. We are still seeing disabled gadets and our custom gadget is not loading .

Can anybody have any solution to this.