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    How to make test calls?


      Hi all,


      I am still very new to sandbox, so I am still trying to figure out how to work with this environment.

      I know developers can use JTAPI SDK to control calls, but is there an existing tool that will allow me to control calls without writing code to use JTAPI?


      Thank you

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          The JTAPI Test Tool is a GUI designed to allow you to 'drive' calls (from physical Cisco phones, or soft phones like IP Communicator or Jabber) - it uses JTAPI under the covers and the UI is designed to mirror/model the JTAPI object model:



          If you are working with TAPI, there is an analogous (though quite old) tool from Microsoft called 'TAPI Browser' - available from the MS Platform SDK.  Note, the Cisco TAPI plugin targets TAPI v2.1


          To just generate some calls, as mentioned the Cisco IP Communicator softphone (now EoL) or Cisco Jabber for Windows/Mac can be registered to the lab CUCM via VPN.


          Other options:

          - 3rd party SIP traffic generator tools (though requires som expertise to configure)

          - Some Sandbox labs include bulk-call generation features

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            Okay, I will give the JTAPI Test Tool a try. I am guessing if start a call with JTAPI, the device I am using to make the call will generate silent packets. Is that a correct assumption?


            Regarding Cisco Jabber, when I tried to download it from Cisco Systems, it says that I need a contract to download it. Is there a dev version for test purpose?


            Thank you

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              Note, you will want to provision a 'CTI Port' (a software-instantiated virtual device) for use with the JTAPI test tool, and I believe you are correct, in that no RTP packets will be sent by the tool towards the destination.


              Re obtaining Jabber/IPC, if you don't have a Cisco TAC support contract with software download entitlement, it can be a bit tricky.  Some info on obtaining Cisco software for development here: Cisco DevNet 


              You should be able to use a 'standard' (RFC 3261 compatible) 3rd party SIP softphone to register and perform simple calling, however many of the more interesting 'enterprise' features of Cisco phones will not work, such as...CTI - you won't be able to monitor/control a 3rd party SIP device with JTAPI.  http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/voice_ip_comm/cucm/admin/8_0_2/ccmcfg/bccm-802-cm/b09sip3p.pdf


              Note the Android/iOS versions of Jabber are free to download, and can be used with the Sandbox via VPN for calls, however these versions do not support CTI.

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                Thank you for the great info.


                I went to read a bit on CTI Port. If I read it correctly, CTI Port is the port for media to flow to the softphone. I am guessing that is required for companies that are developing softphones. Is that correct?


                In my case, I just want to control the phones in the Sandbox, so the audio flows to my system through BIB.

                I just received the links to download Jabber from support, so I think I will just work with Jabber for this test, unless JTAPI is easier.