Anyone using UCS Central with UCS Director?  I have some PowerShell scripts to share, if you do...

Discussion created by snoopj123 on Oct 12, 2015
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Just trying to gauge how many people are using UCS Central with UCS Director right now.  I'm finding the included tasks are very limited in what they can do (especially if you have UCS-enabled C-Series).  I've created some PowerShell (with UCS Central's PowerTool) that may come in handy with associating and disassociating global service profiles, in case anyone is interested.  I've been able to use these to get past the Java errors when dealing with C-Series equipment (Java error seems to indicate that the API call is hardwired for Blade servers only and fails the workflow).


You check out the scripts on my GitHub repo @ snoopj123/UCS-Director · GitHub


I've provided the Associate and Disassociate PowerShell scripts.  I highly recommend using this task:UCSD PowerShell Tasks with Rollback to provide rollback capabilities to the script to clean up the global service profile when rolling back through the overall workflow.