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MSE API VendorData limit in location/tags API

Question asked by kpeters011 on Sep 24, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2015 by kpeters011

I have MSE 8.0 and have RFID tags sending messages to our AP's that have vendor-specific (tag vendor specific group 4) data payloads of more than 128 bytes. When I send a REST GET request to the MSE using /api/contextaware/v1/location/tags API the return XML (or JSON) data contains no VendorData fields. If my tag sends a payload in vendor group 4 that is less than 128 bytes I get a correct response to my GET query. I do see all the bytes in the payload in my WLC debug shell however, even when there are more than 128 bytes. Is there a size limit on the VendorData in the MSE or the WLC?