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Cat 3850 - UDP broadcast between L3 VLAN interfaces

Question asked by brad-craig on Sep 10, 2015
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I have a customer with very odd reqs that I need help
with.  Long story short, they have several control devices in a power
substation in one VLAN.  In the event of failure, a controller in one
substation needs to control devices in another substation (separate
VLAN).  The way the app works is that the master controller sends UDP
broadcasts to locate these control units, which will not cross VLAN’s.  In
the event of failure, they are currently bridging the two VLANs by SNMP
scripting so the devices can be “seen” (not Cisco).  They are asking for us to scope a
Cisco solution, but want some confidence that they can duplicate
functionality.  Unfortunately changing the app is not an option.


So, question is, does the 3850 support VLAN Bridging
(bridge-groups?), or would a directed or flooded broadcast be the best
bet?  This is definitely off my reservation!