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Remote Mobile Mobile 10.6(1) with HCS-CC 10.6(1)

Question asked by jatkinso on Sep 10, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2015 by rugupta

Hi team,


I'm hoping you can advise us here in reference to what SKU’s should be used with Remote Expert Mobile 10.6(1) when being deployed with HCS-CC 10.6


I believe that Remote Expert Mobile 10.6(1) is now supported with HCS-CC 10.6, as shown in the following documents:


Remote Expert Mobile SE Presentation

HCS-CC 10.6 - Slide 18



The latest CCBU (CBABU) Ordering Guide includes Remote Expert Mobile SKU’s but only for CCX and CCE:



If a Service Provider (SP) is deploying Remote Expert Mobile 10.6(1) with HCS-CC 10.6 please can you advise what RE-M SKU’s should be used?


Should the SP use the CCE RE-M SKU’s?


Can these licenses be transferred between customers?