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IE9 JS not working until console opened

Question asked by NeilClancy on Sep 9, 2015
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Hi guys,


Strange one here...


I have an app that assigns wrapup codes via http request. It is fully tested in Firefox, and I had the opportunity to test on the customers test environment with IE8, but when I try to use IE9 I get some strange behaviour.


The wrapup code is not assigned and nothing happens, the dialog bar says "error on page" pertaining to JS error.


When I open up the JS console to have a look, suddenly it works fine. I can select wrap up coObviously I cannot go to the customer and tell them "Sure, just get your agents to open up their web consoles, no sweat!" If anyone has any recommendations or hints as to what I can do to resolve this, no matter how vague, it would be much appreciated, thanks!


NB "Use another browser" won't do here unfortunately! Thanks