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    CURRI Sandbox




      I intend to develop a web service to implement call control using CURRI. I have no problems reserving and using a collaboration 10.5 sandbox. I use AnyConnect as usual to connect to the sandbox lab. The webs ervice will be hosted on my own development machine from which I dial in to the VPN.


      For this to work, CUCM need to be able to reach my development machine's IP address to send CURRI POST HTTP requests. How is that possible? When I connect using AnyConnect I am assigned an IP that is not within the same subnet as the collaboration lab and so makes UCM server unable to reach it.


      I appreciate any guide on how to accomplish that.




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          Hello Walid-


          Thanks for your query! When you are connected to the lab, you can look at the IP address of your AnyConnect VPN adapter. From that address you will be able to reach your local PC from the network, and you can install AnyConnect on any machine needed. However, we can also loan you a HW VPN router where you can directly connect your servers.


          Please let me know if you need any help with this!