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Finesse API - empty Queues

Question asked by vaclav.dedek1 on Aug 13, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2016 by stephan.steiner

Hi, I have 2 agents with same configuration (roles, team, skills,....). When using API for queues for specific agent {server}/finesse/api/User/{id}/Queues it work only for one of them. The second gets empty list: <Queues/>. But in cisco finesse app on CSQ Report gadget are queues fine for both user, so it seems problem is only in API.


Also during testing this problem for one agent we come to this:


1) API call returns 2 queues (correct)

2) then we remove all agent skills -> API return no queue (correct)

3) then we add skills back -> API return no queues (and we have no idea why...)


Any help is welcome, we are out of ideas...