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UCCX CTI : QUERY_AGENT_STATE_REQ fails with status 7 (Invalid field, PeripheralID: 0)

Question asked by a.malhotra.brightcloud on Aug 8, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2015 by a.malhotra.brightcloud


I am trying to write a smiple UCCX CTI Application to query agent status using agentLoginID but I am getting a failure_conf with status 7 and Text: " Invalid field, PeripheralID: 0"


As far as I Understand, there is no request Parameter for PeripheralID for UCCX.


DeveloperGuide says: At least one of AgentExtension, AgentID, or AgentInstrument must be provided.


I have tried sending AgentExtension and AgentID but both result in the same error.


PS - Our application is connecting to UCCX in bridge mode.


I have also looked at the as-is provide sample cti app but it does't have query_agent_state_req


Please let me know what am I missing. I am happy to share exact Request/Response message.