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FinesseJavaScriptLibrary for UCCX 10.6(1)

Question asked by sreeraman on Aug 6, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2015 by ewindgat

Hi All,


The latest version of Finesse Script Library available for download is


Finesse Web Services Developer Guide Suggests using the JavaScript library that came with the release of finesse that is in use



" If you are developing third-party gadgets for Finesse, you must ensure that your new and existing gadgets


use the Finesse JavaScript library that came with the release of Finesse that you use. "


I am assuming that this means for UCCX 10.6 (1) that has finesse version 10.6(1) , I have to use if such a thing exists.


Please advise if this is correct and if yes , please advise if is available for download anywhere.


I have tried to upload the click-to-call sample gadget from into thirdpartygadget/files folder using sftp but everything is getting copied except finesse-10.5.1.js which I assume is because finesse-10.5.1.js is not compatible with finesse 10.6(1) on UCCX 10.6(1)


Thanks for your help.