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IM&P - System Managed Domains

Question asked by hanlykent on Jul 30, 2015
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Hi All,


We have an inter-domain federation within our enterprise for IM&P and Lync 2010


Lync presence domain =

IM&P presence domain =


We have static routes on IM&P for, pointing to Lync 2010.

We use the Directory URI IMSchema.


If an administrator mistakenly enables "Unified CM IM and Presence" for user with the URI in CUCM, IM&P will automatically create a system-managed domain for, which in turn breaks the inter-domain federation.


IM&P documentation says that the system checks this nightly, which is a long time for the federation to be broken.


Just wondering if anyone knows a way to force the discovery of system managed presence domains (mainly to remove a domain from System-managed to Administrator managed)?.