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How do I upload files via uccxapi???

Question asked by on Jul 28, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2016 by M_skovborg

I'm getting slightly frustrated with this specific part of the uccxapi, first and foremost because it's not documented at all, and it's especially frustating when the rest of the api works great and is sorta well documented.




This is basically the documentation you get from the development guide for a 10.6 uccx

It does not explain how to construct the http package i'm guesing that i have to attach the wav file somhow, but the order of it is not explained

Further i'm guessing that i probably have to add the temporary folder to the end of the url




but the rest of these upload commands are "magic" or at least unexplained.


So if there is an attached xml part needed what is it?

If i have to attachech the wav file via multipart/form-data as stated in the document what key names do i use etc.


Does any have a working example of a post http package of any document/script/prompt that they are willing to share? or a working example in php java c# any type of coding language where they actually upload a file.