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Error connecting to jabber from my ASP.NET MVC App

Question asked by Estrelito.J.Gonzales1 on Jul 22, 2015
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I had post an question about connecting to Finesse last July 3rd (titled Using ASP.NET 4.5/IIS 7/MVC 5/Web API 2/Ajax (URL Rewrite reverse proxy) to call Finesse Server) I got past the issue and it worked beautifully, now its time to connect to Jabber and subscribe to events.


I am getting this error while connecting. Any clues as to why I get this? Is it because of a wrong agent id or extension?


I was using VS2013 to debug this.



elow is the xmlstr that it’s trying to parse from the screen shot above.


"<wrapper><body xmlns=\"\" xmlns:NS1=\"\" NS1:xmlns:xmpp=\"urn:xmpp:xbosh\" hold=\"1\" ver=\"1.9\" to=\"localhost\" secure=\"true\" wait=\"30\" xmlns:NS2=\"\" NS2:xmpp:version=\"1.0\" rid=\"1342545527\" /></wrapper>"


Appreciate the help.