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Want to access finesse through webpage

Question asked by ajay.win0708 on Jul 17, 2015
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We had our CRM which used Cisco OCX to communicate with Cisco dialer (CTIOS). As we come to know cisco OCX has been changes to finesse, we need the same to be used in our web page in place of ocx to communicate with cisco dialer.

I am new to finesse, gone through various blogs and guide. As instructed downloaded the nongadgetsample and imported all the JS file in project. Also developed the page same as index.html. While running the application entering the domain name with FQDN, get a response code as 404 some time as 0. Given the finesse server details in finessenongadget.js as well as the basic authentication. But still not success.

Need help in accessing the same, if possible sample code to be used to do same.


I am able to access the finesse server https://hostname/finesse/api/User/UserID through browser after passing the basic authentication.

Also able to check through fiddler, but only GET command is working whereas while using PUT command get response code as 401.

Please find the below response code received from fiddler for PUT command




<ErrorType>Invalid Authorization User Specified</ErrorType>


<ErrorMessage>The user specified in the authentication credentials and the uri don't match</ErrorMessage>