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Event notification problems

Question asked by richerl_bt on Jul 9, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2015 by matfarre

I am currently testing the MSE API and right now I am running into this problem:


When I add a Movement Event Trigger to the notifications, all previously working notifications stop working.


I assume there is some problem with how I configured the Movement Event notification but documentation is not very specific. Could someone help me troubleshoot this problem?


Here is my Movement Event Trigger body.





        "name": "movement-event-trigger",      

  "notificationType": "EVENT_DRIVEN",      

  "dataFormat": "JSON",      

  "NotificationReceiverInfo": {

           "transport": {              

    "type" : "TransportHttp",              

    "hostAddress": "my_ip",              

    "urlPath" : "/",              

    "https": false,              

    "port" : "80"          



       "subscribedEvents" :



     "type" : "MovementEventTrigger",              

     "eventEntity": "TAGS"