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Efficient Gadget Development

Question asked by absaar.javed on Jul 9, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2015 by golmsted

Hello Finesse Experts

I am developing finesse gadgets, and using external tomcat for hosting gadget specification files.

During development process of gadgets, whenever there is a slight change in code, i have to redeploy my code on external tomcat and than restart the tomcat. Secondly i have to re-login in to finesse agent desktop.

Now the issue is that the update/change takes nearly 10 minutes and countless reloads and re-logins to appear on the agent desktop.

I have tried adding "?nocache" parameter at the end of finesse desktop URL, still no difference.

This is frustrating and very time consuming procedure, and causes time wastage when deadlines are short.

Is there any better solution available for this purpose, or this is all we have currently?