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Want to stop the subscription notifications for MSE.

Question asked by TSorteberg on Jul 1, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2015 by shenningsgard

We have a subscription notification that we do not know how to stop or remove.  It shows up in the statistics window, but not in the Notifications Subscriptions window.  We have tried stopping the MSE service and restarting, but that did not remove or stop the notification subscription.  Is there a way to stop or remove the notification subscription from the CLI?


The queries in question are initiated through the MSE REST API, via a node.js script adapted from the one
provided by Cisco:



Our suspicion is that there is an invisible character of some sort that is part of the string name of the
subscription, but does not display. Thus, when we attempt to view or delete the
‘E3D’ subscription, none can be found.



MSE-Subscription.JPG MSE-Subscription2.JPG