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    Finesse server timing out - Side B active?




      I'm still having trouble with connecting our CTI application to the side B within the Contact center sanbox.  I've validated that the services are up and running on the both ProggerA and ProggerB.  


      I then tested the Finesse server as described in the LAB docs " ID:1000 PWD:1000 Extn:1000" but it looks like its off line as well in that I'm getting an error - taking too long to connect.


      Could you please check over the lab and confirm that Finesse agents are working.  Then run a simple test that validates that Finesse fails from side A to Side B when side A is turned off.


      Could you also extend our sandbox for another week as it does not look like I will be able to complete our tests as planned.



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          couple of questions:



          where are you invoking the failover ? Are you failing the CTI server service on Progger B or are you failing all services on Progger B ?

          Are you trying to failover on the Finesse server ? If so that wont work, as there no cluster server in this setup.

          When you attempt the failover, is the inbound call in the alerting state or active state  on the finesse desktop ?

          What is the function of the CTI application you are trying to create ? IS it an gadget or non-gadget application and does it reside on fineese or another web server ? If web server what type and version of the web service ?

          regarding agent 1000, have you performed ANY changes to the default configuration for that Agent 1000 eith on the DAW or the Agent endpoint on UCM ?



          On the testing, the failover works fine for another agent on the same cluster. therefore i would like to understand more about the ScreenPop Gadget you have created and any configuration

          that you may have created specific to that Agent ID.

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            It may be easier to understand our application via a call.   Would you be

            available to chat some time today or tomorrow morning with a 10min GTM?

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              Sorry for the delay in answering your questions. 


              Our solution is not a gadget and does not require/use Finesse but talks directly to the CTI services on both side A and B for resiliency.  I was able to connect to the sandbox CTI side A and test our solution with all agent functionality but I was not able to connect to the side B.   This may be our problem as we are debugging a new issues with the Side B integration.


              As for the Lab/Sanbox I didn't changed anything within the sandbox setup except for starting the side B services on the mac5 W2k3(ProggerB)  server. 


              The issue that I was reporting is that I could no longer login to the Finesse server using the provided agent information.   I received a "Timed out error". 


              Unfortunately the sandbox reservation has ended and I was not able to finish my testing due to the found issues.   I will try to re-book another time slot.



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                let us know when you try to test again and we can monitor the CTI messaging  on the CTI server on Progger B.