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Cisco Jabber using DNS, UDS for Global UCS Design with multiple CUCM

Question asked by john-guy on Jun 26, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2015 by john-guy

Hi Cisco Community,


I'm in my research phase of trying to design a Cisco Jabber deployment across multiple CUCM clusters in the U.S and Global locations.


For instance, this is what I'm trying to solve for


Cisco Jabber Users associated with Asia-CUCM Cluster

Cisco Jabber Users associated with U.S-CUCM Cluster

Cisco Jabber Users associated with Europe-CUCM Cluster


I will start by stating I'm not a DNS Expert pertaining this topic however I understand the concept.


If all Jabber Users across all CUCM clusters are connected to the corporate DNS how is their request to connect to the Asia, U.S and Europe VCS negotiated?  If I'm a User in Asia working from home not on on VPN how will the Corporate DNS know to direct me to the Asia CUCM?  If I'm a remote User in the U.S.A not connected to VPN how will my Jabber request to register to the U.S CUCM be negotiated and connect to the U.S VCS-Edge?


Any help is appreciated

Thank you