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enabling additional services

Question asked by alain.florencie on Jun 25, 2015



I'm developping third party recording application through  JTAPI interface.

i'm running a collaboration lab 10.5, i have 3 externals Cisco 6941 SCCP phones.

All 3 phones are registered and i can dial between them.


The only softkeys available are redial,new Call and fwrdAll (working fine) i would like to test other types of call forwarding (busy,no reply.) , conference calls and hold/park.


i creates a new  softkey Template for a particular phone but i'm unable to add anything..

even by choosing a hardkey Template (Standard template for phones - features (Hold, Transfer, etc.) on hardkeys) ,  the buttons on the phone (not the softkeys) don't do anything.


Is it a limitation of the sandbox CUCM?

or am I doing something wrong?