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If it is Tuesday, it must be VCS to CUCM day!  Hello everyone, my name is Paul Depperschmidt.  I am Manager of Business Development in the Collaboration Business Unit.  A particular specialty in my efforts is helping everyone understand the possibilities when moving customers from VCS to CUCM.  It is not simply a rip and replace proposition.


We will typically see 3 types of customers in this situation - and we have some answers for all three......


Customers who are ready to move everything from VCS to UCM - a migration discussion

We have programs ready to offer the replacement of VCS based licenses to the equivalent CUCM license at no       charge


Customers who have a VCS Video system and are not ready to fully move to CUCM

We have a Collab Now program that allows them to purchase the VCS Hardware to VCS Virtual migration license at       95% off when purchased with a BE6K.  This provides a system that functionally works exactly like the one they have,        but also offers the ability to sell them DX video products and Jabber by trunking in the CUCM based systems to VCS


Customers who may have a small amount of H.323 based video endpoints, but no Call Manager

We have a VCS gateway program that offers basic VCS components for only $500 when purchased with a Personal license starter pack such as CUWL or CUWL Pro.


Please take a look at our section in Drive to Collab for specifics on all of these offers.  Cisco Systems


We are happy to help with any questions you may have.  Happy VCS-UCM day!