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Wrong Call Type when using SIP Dialler

Question asked by edward.gorman on Jun 19, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2015 by emorgan

Hi .


I'm using a SIP Dailler and am experiencing an issue in Preview and Predictive modes where I receive the Reservation call, but when I accept the Customer Preview Call there is an inbound call event (CallType 6) and then an update call event to update the call type to customer_preview event (call type 32) or customer_predictive event (call type 34)

This is only happening when using SIP.


Scenario :

     Receive Reservation call CallType 27

     Accept Customer Preview Call CallType 32


Events are as follows

CallBeginEvent - CallType:27

CallDeliveredEvent - CallType:27

CallDataUpdateEvent - CallType:27

CallEstablishedEvent - CallType:27

CallHeldEvent - CallType:27

CallDataUpdateEvent - CallType:27

CallBeginEvent - CallType:6

CallDeliveredEvent - CallType6

CallDataUpdateEvent - CallType:32

CallDataUpdateEvent - CallType:32

CallEstablishedEvent - CallType:32



When using SCCP I will recieve a CallBeginEvent and CallDeliveredEvent for CallType:32


Does anyone know of a reason for this behaviour?


Thanks in advance.