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New window on incoming call based on Screen Pop Sample

Question asked by sandeepl18 on Jun 18, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2015 by ewindgat

I am trying to make a gadget where a new window/tab will show up with every incoming call. The new window is our CRM application and it is being prepopulated based on a call id from the Call Variables.


I had installed the Screen Pop sample on our 9.1.1 Finesse and was unable to get the iframe to show up. It simply says "Screen Pop goes here", meaning the render function was called, but the numdialog counter never incremented.


I made some modifications and I notice that I can reliably detect the end of a call.  But detecting the start of the call has been unsuccessful.


Anything obvious I am missing? Has the Dialog object significantly changed between versions?

render = function () {
        var currentState = user.getState();
        var html = '';
        html += '<div>';
  if (numDialogs==1) {
// Replaced with URL and Query String to our CRM;

      else {
clientLogs.log("No call detected");
  _processCall = function (dialog) {
      // if here then callvar1 didnt show up on initial dialog
   // get the latest callvariables
   callvars = dialog.getMediaProperties();
     *  Handler for additions to the Dialogs collection object.  This will occur when a new
     *  Dialog is created on the Finesse server for this user.
     handleNewDialog = function(dialog) {
            // increment the number of dialogs
            // get the call variable data from the dialog
   // dialog.getMediaProperties() returns an array of properties
            callvars = dialog.getMediaProperties();
   // if callVariable1 is null then add a handler for subsequent dialog events
   //  where the call data will have been updated
   if (callvars["callVariable1"] == null )
       dialog.addHandler('change', _processCall);
   // render the html in the gadget
      clientLogs.log("rendering dialog");