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CUC migration 8.6.2 to 10.5

Question asked by balitewiczp on Jun 11, 2015
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Hello.  I will be migrating cuc 8.6.2 to 10.5, two separate servers.  Same exchange backend, the 8.6.2 is currently ad integrated.  I plan on utilizing cobras briefcase mode to copy users to the new server, and will be doing this site by site, as the phones are moved.  Im concerned that if I also Ad integrate the 10.5 server and sync, all my users will be there and have two mailboxes, one on each server.   Do I not integrate the 10.5 server until all sites are  migrated?  If so, how do I handle new users for sites that have been migrated?  Or do I integrate, but do not sync until all users are moved over?