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    Jabber cannot communicate with the server


      Hi sandbox management team,


      I have reserved a Collaboration 10.5 Lab, and I have connected the VPN.

      when I try to logon the Jabber, error message "Cannot communicate withe server" appears.

      and it is the same when I specified the CUCM server by IP address.

      How to resolve it?

      Lab's private VPN connection information as bellows:

        • Lab Network Address: devnetsandboxlabs.cisco.com/rave06
        • Username: Simon_New1




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          Hello Simon,


          Thanks for the inquiry! There are two things to check here:


          1) Does the IP range of your local network overlap with the Sandbox? This will sometimes cause packets to be routed locally instead of the VPN. The Lab network is 10.10.20.x with a subnet.


          2) Try setting your Primary DNS server to - the DNS in this sandbox. This will allow you to properly resolve the the Call Manager and Presence server. Try running the ping command against abc.inc and see what IP is returned.




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            I'm having the same problem on the Collaboration 11 lab, except that the DNS server is not available.


            I can't ping it when connected to the VPN, and when I log into one of the CUCM servers ( for example), the home page displays the following in bold red: "WARNING: DNS unreachable"

            I suspect there is a problem with the lab.

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              Hello Edward-


              Thanks for bringing this to our attention and apologies for the delay in responding to your query. I have setup the lab and I cannot replicate the issue at this time. Please inform us if you see this issue again and we'll get it repaired.


              Let us know if you any additional questions or need additional help!



              DevNet Sandbox Team