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    APIC Sandboxes and API


      I'm getting started with both the Python SDK and acitoolkit for the ACIP. Using the Sandboxes I get an "Action not found" HTML response instead of JSON when trying to login. I've combed through both codebases and they're submitting credentials to /api/aaaLogin.json like the API docs say they should. I get the same behavior using curl instead of the Python libs. Ultimately getting that HTML response breaks the SDK and toolkit because they're trying to parse the response with a JSON library.


      This happens with the always-on sandbox and with a reserved one. In both cases I can log in to the APIC via the web console, it's only API logins that fail.


      I've turned off SSL cert verification (since the certs are self-signed) and confirmed that my Python install isn't using the deprecated SSL and TLS versions (3.0 and 1.0 I think). This happens even if you run the toolkit inside the docker image supplied with the project.


      Any ideas what's wrong here? I read on one of the Sandbox pages that the unit was running a beta release of the software, but I don't see a way to select a Sandbox with a stable release nor do I see a compatibility guide for the libraries.